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Help Spouse Win at Scentsy

Los Angeles based Scentsy husband Pete Gregory talks scents, and shares some easy tasks a significant other can do to help with the Scentsy business.

Hi, it’s Pete Gregory here. Originally I published a video about this topic but it was long, boring and outdated. So, until I have a little time to publish another, please read the post.

What Exactly is Scentsy – Updated!

Back in 2011 when this post was published, not many people had heard of Scentsy. We constantly explained about this new and unique flameless candle product. Nowadays, Scentsy is almost a household term and is often used as a generic term for almost any flameless candle warmer or scented wax fragrances. Here is 2022, it’s very rare we encounter someone who has never heard of Scentsy.

Scentsy Warmer Sketch
Traditional Scentsy Warmer

What is Scentsy, the Short Version
Scentsy is a company that manufactures and sells fragrance delivery products, intended for any home or office. The flagship product is a traditional wax warmer made to replace scented candles. The original warmers were all ceramic, with a dish on top and a light bulb inside and NO FLAME. The warmers plug into an electrical outlet. Turn it on and the heat from the bulb melts the scented was and makes any interior space smell aromatically terrific. Since the original warmer, we now have a variety of fragrance delivery systems such as battery warmers, fan diffusers, oil diffusers and more. In my opinion, the Scentsy scented wax fragrances are beyond compare. Over the years, Scentsy has evolved to provide scented products for our clothes, body, pets, cars, stuffed animals and you name it, if it has to do with home fragrances, Scentsy sells it.

Who Sells Scentsy?

I’m also not going to elaborate on this topic either. Basically, Scentsy is NOT sold in stores and can only be purchased from Scentsy Independent Consultants. Since you are reading this post, I’m going to assume you already understand how your spouse earns income selling Scentsy. The important bit is, almost any adult can be a consultant and it’s super cheap to get started.

Advice for Husbands of Scentsy Consultants – Any Spouse

You are probably aware of the work involved to operate as a consultant. Yes, to be successful, it takes work. Most consultants love the products and love what they do. In fact, this is a MUST for anyone considering “working the business!”

First, if your spouse is putting in the time you might be noticing he or she has earned some extra income. Unfortunately it doesn’t come so easily, especially at first. Here are some simple tasks you can do to help.

  • If your a techie nerd like me, you can help with the internet marketing or website editing. The PWS is simple to edit and you can customize it as they allow.
  • If you don’t have one, create a Facebook page using the same name she chose to call her business. Each month, post the Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month. You can do the same on other social pages. You can also post each time a new special collection is added.
  • Scentsy sends out a monthly newsletter to all persons signed up to receive them. Go to the workstation, add the names and emails of friends and family members to the list to receive the newsletter. Get customers to sign up on their own or do it for them. Down the road, this results in a nice income boost, usually within a day or two after the newsletter is sent. Yes, this can make a BIG impact.
  • Help out with parties. Load the car, help take orders and set things up. Don’t think or manage. Only do what you are told.
  • Any products received need to be labeled with the consultants contact info. Buy some sticky labels, create the contact info, print them up and stick on all products before going to the customers. This results in easy repeat business later. The labels are called Avery, easy peel, 1″ x 2-5/8″. Here’s a link to Staples and you can buy online. Walmart has them too. https://www.staples.com/Avery-1-x-2-5-8-5160-Laser-Address-Labels-with-Easy-Peel-White-3-000-Box/product_209882.
  • Share with everyone you know! No need to be shy because Scentsy has great products people want and need. Everyone is looking for thoughtful and unique gifts they can get easily without spending a fortune. As of 2022, a mini warmer and one bar of wax can be purchased for about $31, plus local tax and shipping. This probably totals to around $41 delivered to the door. Send them the link to the website to buy. I promise, the person receiving the gift will LOVE it!
  • Start an external website or blog like this one! It costs very little money and not that hard, but it does take time. Also, Scentsy compliance must approve your site. It time up front, but once you start, it only takes a few hours per week. A great way to improve your online presence!

What Spouses Should NOT DO!

  • Do NOT, under any circumstances tell your spouse how to better conduct business. NO, NO, NO! Remember, it’s NOT your business. Your job is to be of help. NEVER, EVER criticize! Even constructive criticize should be avoided.
  • Avoid placing any orders, especially party orders. It is tricky to enter everything right in order to get the best deal for customers and make the most money on the party. This is the most difficult and frustrating part of being a consultant. Of course, a necessary evil. If you spouse gets aggravated with this, just remind of the money being earned or say nothing! I’m NOT kidding!
  • if someone asks you about buying Scentsy be sure to pass them off to your partner. There are terms you are unaware of that could kill the sale. For instance, the warmers warm the wax, NOT burn the wax.
  • Basically, just be helpful, keep your nose clean and all will be well. In fact, you will love the extra income later. We have even experienced all expense paid vacations to places like NYC, Punta Cana and more.

Where’s The Money?

If you’re not too interested right now, just wait! Yes, some consultants earn a little extra shopping money, especially at first! But, some earn executive level income! NO KIDDING! Not a joke! Is your interest level growing? Yea, I’ll bet! It’s not all that difficult to get a successful team going because it only costs new consultants $99.00 to join. Take a look below at the compensation plan and do the math.

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2022

Who is this Guy?

I’m Pete Gregory and my wife is Mary Gregory, a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director. We both have full time jobs but we spend a some of our free time working this wonderful opportunity. We have goals, and little by little we’re moving closer to reach those goals. Yes, Mary drives the boat, but I support her however possible. In fact, I created and continue to manage this website. We truly enjoy spending our time together both working the Scentsy business.

The Scentsy Philosophy

The greatest part of the Scentsy philosophy is, “GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE!” That can mean a lot of things, but for us, that includes helping other consultants in need, no matter what! If you’re the spouse of a Scentsy consultant and looking for more Scentsy tips or ideas on how you can help, contact us.

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