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Los Angeles Scentsy Husband Talks Scents

Today, Los Angeles based Scentsy husband Pete Gregory talks scents, and what the spouse or can do to help their Scentsy consultant wife be successful.

What Exactly is Scentsy – Update!

Back in 2011 when this post was published, not too many people had heard of Scentsy, We constantly explained about this new and unique flameless candle product. Nowadays, Scentsy is almost a household term and is often used as a generic term for almost any flameless candle warmer or scented wax fragrances. Today, it’s very rare we encounter someone who has never heard of Scentsy.

Scentsy Product Combination of 2 Warmers & 1 Wax MeltHere’s how we explained, “What is Scentsy.” – First of all, if you’re wondering, what the heck is this Scentsy Flameless Candle thing, here’s your answer. Scentsy is like a candle, but it’s not! It’s simply a better and safer way to enjoy your favorite scented candle. It’s flameless, wickless, there’s no soot, and it’s safe around kids and pets! Scentsy is a unique, well made and reasonably priced candle product available in three sizes, many different styles, and over eighty fragrances. The warmers are a ceramic vase like product with a low wattage light bulb inside and a dish on top. Simply, place the scented wax in the dish, turn on the switch, and in minutes you’ll be enjoying the most amazing fragrance ever! It also doubles as a small lamp or night light. The warmers look great and are sure to enhance any home or office.

Extensive Video About How Spouses can Help Market Scentsy Products

Yeah okay, so the video is a bit long, but there are some good ideas and tips, especially for new consultants.

Advice for Husbands of Scentsy Independent Consultants

Examples of scentsy candles and scented waxNow that we explained a little about the products, I have a little information for the spouses of our amazing Scentsy Independent Consultants. You may not know it yet, but you have some very unique home fragrance products and opportunity to help your spouse become successful with his or her Independent Scentsy Consultant business. You’re probably thinking, what’s he or she doing now? What are all these Scentsy boxes I keep finding in my living room? Who are all these people he or she’s talking to all the time? What is that scent I keep smelling in my home? Why did I think I was going to get some homemade cookies and later found out, there weren’t any?

NEWS FLASH! It’s your spouse’s new business! If you want to learn a little more about the business, just LISTEN to your spouse, and read some of the other posts at this site. You may also c want to keep an eye on the Scentsy Facebook page.

If you’re not too interested right now, just wait! Yes, some consultants earn a little extra shopping money, especially at first! But…..some earn some executive level income! NO KIDDING! Not a joke! Oh, is the interest level growing? Yea, I’ll bet! It’s not all that difficult to get a successful team going because it only costs new consultants $99.00 to join. Take a look at the compensation plan and do the math. Yes, there’s even training for that. Get your spouse to set you up on the workstation and watch the training video on the compensation plan. Oh, is the interest lever rising again? I bet if you help out a little bit your interest level won’t be only thing to rise a little more often! Think about possibilities! Hmmmm?

Who is this Guy?

I’m Pete Gregory and my wife is Mary Gregory, a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director. We both have full time jobs but we spend a good portion of our free time working this wonderful opportunity. We have big dreams, high goals, and little by little we’re moving closer to reach those goals. Yes, Mary drives the boat, but I support her any way possible, and I do all I can to help her with this unique business opportunity. We truly enjoy spending our time together both working the Scentsy business. We just returned home to Los Angeles after attending the Scentsy Convention 2011 in Fort Worth Texas. It was a very interesting, full or great giveaways and wonderful surprises!

How You Can Help Your Spouse With Scentsy Business

If you’re looking for ways to help out your spouse, I’m going to share three of the tasks I help Mary with on a continual basis.

  1. Contact Data Entry – Yes, it’s no fun, but it’s easy, only takes a few minutes per month, and will amount to more than a few dollars in commission. Go to the Scentsy workstation and enter all the contacts available. Be sure to check the box below so that the contact receives the newsletter. You only have to enter this info one time per contact and Scentsy will automatically e mail a professional looking newsletter, around the first Wednesday of each month. They send it, in your name, and it always generates business! you can find outstanding newsletter training available right on the Scentsy website, so take advantage of it and help your spouse grow the business.
  2. Marketing and Advertising – Spread the word! Make sure you tell everyone you know what your spouse is doing. Hand out business cards! Start a blogsite like this one! You can even start your own blogsite for FREE! Scentsy compliance must approve your blogsite, but it’s not that hard! It takes a little time up front, but once you start, it only takes a few hours per week, and it’s FREE! A great way to improve your online presence!
  3. Event or Party Set Up – Some consultants like to market and promote their business by doing parties, some like to do special events, and some prefer online social marketing. All consultants to like sharing about the products and business opportunity. Many successful consultants do all of it! Whatever methods your spouse chooses, she or he can use some help! If it’s parties or special events, you can help by loading car and setting up the location. You can take it down when the event is over. You can help out while the event is in progress. Take down the credit card information so your spouse can keep working with the customers. Some of these events go all day and your spouse will need a break or two!
Let’s Team Up

If you’ve signed up on Mary’s team you have some great one on one training opportunities available. Yes, you have all the expert and professional training videos available at the Scentsy Workstation. In addition to the online training, you have us! We’re here to help you get started and launch your business. Your success is our success, so we want to help! Even if you’re not on Mary’s team, we’ll help!

The greatest part of the Scentsy philosophy is, “GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE!” That can mean a lot of things, but for us, that includes helping other consultants in need, no matter what! If you’re the spouse of a Scentsy consultant and looking for more Scentsy tips or ideas on how you can help, contact us. Ask for me, Pete Gregory and we’ll schedule some one on one time and share ideas.

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  1. Mary Gregory on August 7, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Great job, honey! I hope the ladies show their men this to encourage the Scentsy men to jump on board the support train!

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