Join Scentsy In Mexico and Start Your Own Business

Scentsy in Mexico

If you are a resident of Mexico you can now join Scentsy in Mexico and start your own business! This is an outstanding opportunity for residents in Mexico to take advantage of Scentsy’s successful worldwide popularity and earn income as Independent Consultants.

We can’t stress enough how huge this could be for those Mexican entrepreneurs choosing to join Scentsy and take advantage of this ground floor opportunity. Another great opportunity is for those Americans living in the US, but having lots of family and friends living in both countries, Mexico and the US.

This is a great time to join and sponsor a wonderful team of new consultants living in the US and Mexico. If this sounds exciting, that’s because it is, and it’s a huge opportunity! US Residents can join Scentsy in the US, right now. Buy the preferred start up kit for just $99. Once joined, new consultants will have the opportunity to sign up to sponsor new consultants in Mexico. It is an additional cost but it’s minimal, and well worth it to expand a business into into Mexico.

Scentsy is a highly regarded, successful direct sales party plan company and currently offer their products in the US, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland. Scentsy is known for their unique and stylish flameless scented candles, scented wax, and a full product line of other aromatic products. The products are not available in stores and can only be purchased through an independent consultant. New independent consultants in Mexico will earn income in the form of commissions as a result of their direct sales, but they can also earn bonuses depending on the performance of their team members. We believe this business model will be a perfect fit for those individuals deciding to join Scentsy Fragrance in Mexico and start their own business! If you want to join in Mexico please contact us directly and we’ll get you started. 661-210-7617.

Get Started

Selling Scentsy and building a team is fun and it will be the same way in Mexico! There’s no experience necessary, choose own hours, training provided, and the new consultant’s sponsor will personally mentor and help them launch their business. When new consultants join Scentsy in Mexico they will receive a starter kit containing everything needed to start their business. The contents of the kit can vary, but we’re positive new Mexican consultants will be fully equipped to do business.

Consultants will have their own online workstation from which to manage their entire business. The starter kit should also include a shopping website, free for the first three months. After that the cost to keep the site will be very minimal. Once a new consultant receives their kit they can go to work by sharing and selling the wickless candle products and sponsoring new consultants to join their team.

This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for, so we’ll say it again. Join Scentsy in Mexico and start your own business.