NOW is the Perfect Time to Join Scentsy in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Map with Scentsy Logo

Now is the perfect time to join Scentsy in Indianapolis, Indiana. A few years back there was lots of local excitement resulting from the annual Scentsy Convention. This excitement resulted in many Indianapolis residents buying our authentic Scentsy aromatic scented warmers and other home fragrance products. With that thought in mind, we’re looking for people to sponsor as new Independent Consultants who would like to join, be a part of our team, earn income and help us continue to supply this high demand. Interested persons may contact us to learn more.

We originally published this post after returning from our recent Scentsy Reunion in Indianapolis Indiana. That’s when we discovered it was time to expand our team into Indy! We were amazed at what we discovered at this event, but the biggest surprise was the number of locals unfamiliar with our products. Of course, that’s all changed now and our Indy consultants are doing quite well. Even so, there’s still room for more so if interested, get started with Scentsy today!

Now is the Perfect Time to Join Scentsy

If you live in or near Indianapolis, you can still take advantage of the excitement to launch your own business as a independent consultant. When you join, you can purchase the preferred start up kit for $99 plus local tax and shipping. The start kit contains everything you need to get started. No experience needed, choose own hours, personalized and online training provided and a Scentsy shopping website FREE for the first three months. After that, it’s just $10 per month.

How Much Can I Earn

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2022
Plan as of 2022

Unsure about becoming a consultant? Browse through this site to see the various products and information. See below, some links to help you decide if Scentsy is right for you.

Who Are We

We are the husband and wife independent consultant team of Mary and Pete Gregory. We love to sponsor and mentor new consultants and look forward to helping our new team members in Indianapolis to get started and be a part of the team.

Why Join?

Scentsy is one of the most successful direct sales company in the world. When you join Scentsy you are able to share and sell the entire product line. You can build your own team when you sponsor new consultants from Indiana or anywhere in the USA and beyond.

Shop Scentsy

If  you need your Scentsy, but not up for becoming a consultant yourself, you can shop online 24/7! Be sure to take advantage of specials and don’t miss the combine and save deals!

By the way, if you need any those hard to find 15 watt Scentsy Replacement Light Bulbs, we have plenty of them. Just visit our light bulb page to see what type you need. The bulbs only cost $2 each or 3 for $5.

One thing for sure is, now is the perfect time to join Scentsy in Indianapolis, Indiana.