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Start New Home Based Business In Granada Hills With Scentsy

Start a new home based business in Granada Hills with Scentsy and become an independent consultant! When joining Scentsy Fragrance, new consultants have the opportunity to sell the popular authentic Scentsy wickless candle products. Granada Hills is located in the north end of the San Fernando Valley and there’s a good sized population of people right there within walking distance! It’s not that Granada Hills is especially over crowded, but there are plenty of opportunities to share the Scentsy business opportunity and sell the Scentsy products within the local neighborhoods.

It can be helpful with sales if new Scentsy consultants don’t have to do much traveling in order to meet their new potential customers. With the high cost associated with owning a car and paying for travel expenses, operating a home based business as a new Scentsy independent consultant is a huge plus.

We Are Scentsy Independent Consultant Team Mary & Pete Gregory

We are the Scentsy Independent Director husband and wife team of Mary and Pete Gregory, and we specialize in sponsoring and mentoring new Scentsy independent consultants all over the USA. We are currently expecting to sponsor and mentor a new independent consultant to start a new home based business in the Granada Hills area with Scentsy Fragrance. Since we reside near the Valley area, we know there is wonderful potential for success, and Granada Hills is just waiting for a new consultant to step up to the plate and succeed, right in their own back yard. Contact Mary or Pete Gregory today by calling or texting Mary 661-210-7617 and let’s talk cents!

No Large Investment Necessary

Many people have a deep desire to start their own consultant business but don’t feel they have the money or resources to do so. We’re here to share, there is absolutely no need to make a large investment to start a new home based business as a Scentsy independent consultant in Granada Hills. It’s just $99 plus local tax and shipping to join, and it includes a wonderful start up kit worth over $300! That starter kit even includes everything needed to get started right away, including a Scentsy shopping website, free for the first three months. After that the site only costs $10 per month. Customers will be able to shop online immediately, and the new consultant earns the commissions from the sales, even while sleeping! Even better, Scentsy does all the work with processing and shipping the website orders!

It only takes minutes to take the first step and join Scentsy and contact us today. Anyone with enough desire to succeed can excel when they start a new home based business in Granada Hills with Scentsy.

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