Four Year Old Girl Sells Scentsy in Los Angeles

Kids Selling Scentsy

Los Angeles area Scentsy kid earns money helping Grandma by sharing and selling flameless candles in Los Angeles, California! Gigi is four yours old and she helps her us with our Los Angeles area Scentsy independent consultant business. “She’s really good at it,” says Grandpa Pete. I’m Mary Gregory and I’m an active greater Los Angeles based Scentsy independent consultant with customers throughout the United States and Canada.

UPDATE 2022: Little Gigi is now 15 years old and still enjoys selling Scentsy products. As she grew up it was amazing how she shared catalogs and product samples at school with her teachers and school administrators, then brought home orders. No kidding, she really did! She’s was especially busy during the holiday seasons and even today asked about when the new 2022 holiday collection was coming.

Scentsy is a Family Business

granddaughter gigi helps grandma mary sell scentsy 1

I’ll be the first one to tell you, “this is a wonderful family business and a great opportunity for the entire family.” My granddaughter Gigi was often with me at my various events and Scentsy parties. Gigi offered scented wax samples to her potential customers and they couldn’t help but say YES, I’ll buy it! Just look at the photo and see how happy Gigi is with her earned money. Of course, it didn’t last long at the candy store, but it was her choice.

Seriously, being an Scentsy consultant is a great way for the entire family to work together and enjoy each other while on the road to success. You can earn as little or as much as you desire and no experience is necessary. Some consultants earn a little extra monthly fun money. Some earn six figure incomes but it’s all up to the consultant. There’s NEVER any “hard sales” and we just simply share and sell!

Love What You Sell

The secret to successful Scentsy sales in Los Angeles, or anywhere else, starts with loving and believing in the scentsy home fragrance products. Gigi and I both love Scentsy and all the home fragrance products. It’s obvious! When potential customers or prospective consultants see, hear and feel our passion, the sale is done! Well, it helps that the Scentsy products look great and smell wonderful! You can see the light in Gigi’s eyes when she shares about Scentsy. You can hear the excitement in her voice when she talks about Scentsy. You can feel the love in her heart. That’s the secret!

Want to Get Started Selling Scentsy?

If you want to be a Scentsy Independent consultant, you have as much chance for success as anyone. If you feel you can believe in, and love the products, you’re a big step ahead!

It costs $99.00 plus tax and shipping to join. You receive a Starter Kit which provides everything you need to start your business. You also receive a Scentsy website FREE for the first three months. After that, it’s only $10.00 per month. You’ll be able to personalize the website, just for you.

All the training and tools are available online and there’s no re-inventing the wheel! No developing marketing pieces! Everything’s there for your use. Your online Scentsy website is like an online store. You’ll be able to send out a monthly newsletter, accept credit cards and everything. The accounting  records for your online orders are automatic, and available for your viewing at the click of a mouse or tap of the finger!

When you get started with Scentsy at my website you’ll automatically become a part of my team. You’ll receive all the online training needed to launch your business so you can start earning money as quickly as possible. It’s a very simple business and perfect for the whole family! After a while you’ll have your own Scentsy team and be doing exactly what I do. Join our team and join us on our Scentsy Success journey today!