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Earn Money With Your Honey – Scentsy For Couples

Earn Money with Your Honey Like Mary and Pete GregoryIf you like working together with your spouse, you’ll love this idea for earning money with your honey! We are the Los Angeles Independent Scentsy consultant couple, Mary Gregory and Pete Gregory and we love working together and earning extra income with selling Scentsy. We’re glad you stopped in for a visit and want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our Scentsy flameless candle business and a short video. Take a look and read below to learn more!

Working as Partners is Ideal

We’re so excited to share a great home based business, especially good couples and families wanting to earn some extra money. Most of us start and operate a home based business on a part time basis, so having a family partner is ideal! That’s not to say, you can’t do it alone, but the road to success is much faster when there’s more than one person doing the work! We found and started our home based business by chance really. We were introduced to Scentsy by a Los Angeles area friend in December of 2009. She gifted me with a wonderful flameless candle and we both joined Scentsy that very same day.

Video About Earning Money With Your Honey

Choose a Thriving Company to Represent

Scentsy is a thriving USA party plan company and is probably the hottest direct sales company in the USA at this time. Scentsy rated #1 in Consumer Products and Service by Inc.500 back in 9/2010 and continues to grow and prosper. Located in Meridian Idaho, Scentsy continues to lead the pack and is a wonderful company to be associated with. NOT AVAILABLE in stores SCentsy can only be purchased through independent consultants. Our customers are truly excited about these products, and so are we. We have visited the Scentsy corporate office and we’ve seen first hand the various departments responsible for providing the popular products. You know you’re with a great company when the employees are obviously happy and treated with respect. You too can get started with Scentsy by contact Pete or Mary today at 661-210-7617.

Is Sales Experience Required?

It takes NO SALES experience to be successful with this business. We truly believe in our products, and that’s the key. When we talk about Scentsy to our customers, it’s like magic! They hear the excitement in our voice, see the light in our eyes and feel the love in our hearts. The sale is complete and all we did was share! NO HARD SALES! It doesn’t hurt that Scentsy smells amazing! The same thing applies with sponsoring new consultants. We just share from the heart and invite others to join us! Many join the very same day, just like we did! Contact us today, if you wish!

How to Get Started With Scentsy

It only costs $99.00, plus tax and shipping to join Scentsy, and become an Independent Consultant. You’ll receive a Starter Kit that includes everything needed to start your business. You also receive a personal website, FREE for the first three months. After that it’s only $10.00 per month. You’ll receive an ecommerce site just like this, but you can make simple edits and make it yours! Often, it’s our customers that end up joining!

If you join through us you’ll be on our team and we’ll show you the ropes.You can skip making the same mistakes we made when we first started and you only need to follow the path.. All we have to do is follow the path! You’ll have access to all the free marketing resources that you’ll would ever need. There’s no inventing the wheel and no extra expense to do so! If you want to be a part of the hottest new business in the USA, this is it. We still can’t believe we only spent $99.00 to get started!

You can earn income almost immediately! Some of our Super Star Directors earn amazing six figure annual incomes. It’s all up to you! We would like to formally invite you and yours to join us on our Scentsy Success journey today! You won’t regret it and the benefits that await you can be more than you imagine! Contact us today!

Pete & Mary Gregory, 661-210-7617.

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