Decide on Joining Scentsy By Hosting a Party

Scentsy Party Fun

I’ve been a Scentsy consultant since 2008 and in that time I’ve determined if you’re unsure about becoming a consultant is to decide on joining Scentsy by hosting a party!

You don’t need to host a home party because you can also host a virtual catalog party, Facebook party or a simple email party. How ever many ways you can think of sharing the products! No matter which way you choose, use the party to do a test run without actually joining. It’s a wonderful way to see if you might enjoy becoming an independent consultant yourself!

As an independent consultant, selling Scentsy isn’t difficult, but it does take some planning and work. Regardless, the marketing plan is as simple as sharing the products with others, helping them make their selections, placing their orders and following up. You don’t need to stock any products and Scentsy takes care of all the details and shipping.

Overview on How to Host a Scentsy Party

Sign Up to Host A Scentsy Party – When you host a party, you simply share the Scentsy products with your friends and family. We provide you with the product samples, testers, catalogs and order forms. You take orders for a week or two, and once you finish, turn in the orders and we’ll place the orders e orders with Scentsy. The products will be sent to you for distribution to your customers or shipped directly.

Host Scentsy Party Help You Decide on Joining

If, during the course of hosting the party you decide to become an Independent Consultant, we will sponsor you and help you get started! I will give up the party orders to you so you can join Scentsy, become a consultant, and use your host orders to launch your business. When you join you can purchase the preferred start kit for just $99 and you’re on your way!

You should know though, the $99 start up kit contains products and supplies worth MUCH MORE! You really cannot lose! The kit content varies, but sometimes it’s over $300 worth of supplies and products!

What can I earn for hosting?

Earn Host Rewards — free and half-price products — as soon as your party hits $200 in sales. The bigger the party, the bigger your rewards! These half price deals can be very enticing!

SalesPotential Host Rewards*
$200$20 credit + 1 half-priced credits
$350$35 credit + 2 half-priced credits
$500$75 credit + 3 half-priced credits
$1000$150 credit + 4 half-priced credits
*Apply your credits to just about any product you love

If you decide you want MORE than just the rewards, ask about our new Earn a Kit program. You can apply your free product credit toward a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit to enroll as a Scentsy Consultant!

Selling Scentsy Candles is fun!

There’s no experience necessary, choose your own hours, NO BOSS, training provided, and I will sponsor and mentor you. My husband and I work the business together and we have received awards for helping many new and successful Scentsy consultants.

The only reason I originally joined Scentsy was because I simply loved the products. I always loved scented candles and when I discovered this better way to enjoy my favorite fragrances, I was hooked. Then, I shared it with all my friends and many of them joined too. The next thing I know I had a thriving team working with me and it took off from there.

If You Join

When you join Scentsy and buy the start up kit you will have everything needed to get started immediately. You also receive a Scentsy shopping website, FREE for the first three months. After that, it’s only $10 per month. Your customers can shop online 24/7 and you will earn the commission, even if your sleeping! Contact us to schedule a party.