CSUN Students Make Dollars With Scents!

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Scentsy fragrance delivery warmers provide and simple and better way to enjoy your favorite fragrance. In fact, they are without a doubt one of the leaders is home fragrance and operating as an independent consultant selling the products is a terrific way to earn some extra cash! It’s also a great way for Cal State University of Northridge students to earn some extra money. If you’re a CSUN student and you want to earn some income and have fun at the same time, this would be perfect!

I’m Mary Gregory and as a CSUN alumni myself, I know how difficult it is to manage your time while attending school. Between attending classes, studying & socializing, it can be extremely difficult to fit in a job and make yourself available to an employer as expected. Obviously that’s a problem, because with no job you have no extra money!

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CSUN Alumn Shares Solution

Well, I have a viable solution and I do it myself, so I know it works! I work at my other full time daycare business eleven hours a day, and still have time for Scentsy! YES, SCENTSY FLAMELESS & WICKLESS CANDLES! No experience needed, and absolutely no sales experience required! You can work whatever hours that fit your schedule, but if you want to earn some income, you do have to work! Yes, you sell the Scentsy products, but it’s not a “HARD” sell. Take a look at the products we sell! If you think it’s the type of product you could believe in, that’s all you need!

Contact me, Mary Gregory with any questions. By the way, we know the greater Los Angeles area has a huge potential. You would be in a perfect geographic to take advantage of this market.

Basic Information About Scentsy Products

A leader in home fragrances, Scentsy has now become a generic term for anything having to do with candle warmers, scented wax and home fragrances. It doesn’t matter where people buy their products, they just call it Scentsy. The thing is, it’s not true. The ONLY WAY to BUY authentic Scentsy is from an independent consultant. There is no physical Scentsy store. You can only order the products directly from any consultant of that consultant’s website.

Yes, CSUN students can join Scentsy! As long as you are at least 18 years of age, you are good to go! You are then able to sell the Scentsy products either by placing orders for your customers or they can buy directly via your e-commerce website. It’s that simple. In fact, nowadays, we operate virtually for nearly all our sales and you can too!

It only costs $99.00 plus tax and shipping to join and become a Independent Scentsy Consultant. You receive a starter kit in the mail and you also get an awesome Scentsy Website just like mine, but personalized just for you. The website is FREE for the first three months and after that it’s only $10.00 per month. That’s it! Once you receive your start up kit you’re almost ready to earn some money!

Visit my catalog and browse through. Learn about Scentsy by viewing the catalog. If I become your sponsor you’ll be a member of my team and I’ll show you the ropes. As you move forward up the ladder you’ll have the opportunity to lead your own team. Scentsy is a simple and fun business! We all just share and sell the wonderful products while sharing about the business opportunity at the same time.