Additional Income Idea for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent Showing House With Scentsy Warmer

Here’s an additional income idea, perfect for real estate agents in California or anywhere in the USA. In fact, selling Scentsy home fragrance products is a natural and easily compliments those already in the real estate industry.

As a real estate agent, it’s important to have more than one source on income. Almost any financial advisor suggest their real estate agent clients develop more than one income stream. In fact, some suggest we should all have four or five different income sources. Yeah, that sounds great, but it’s not always so easy! That’s why it’s important to choose something that is a good fit for your real estate business.

An Income Opportunity With Low Start Up Costs

The trick is, finding a business that costs very little to start and operate, and it should also be related to your primary real estate business. Becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant fits the bill just perfectly, and here’s why.

  • Real estate agents generate business primarily by developing and building relationships. Independent Scentsy Consultants generate business primarily by developing and building relationships. Real estate agents primarily sell homes, rent homes and lease office space. Our Scentsy fragrances are intended primarily for homes and offices. Our Scentsy fragrance delivery warmers are unique, well made, and reasonably priced.
  • Generally, real estate agents earn commissions by representing people with their transactions. The amount they earn depends on the amount of the purchase or lease. Scentsy consultants earn commission based on the overall amount of their sales, but look at the upside. Consultants earn bonuses for the performance of other consultants they sponsor. This is called passive, or residual income!
  • Scentsy manufactures fragrance related products for the home. The products are not available in stores and only sold by their consultants. Since the many of the products are consumable, there’s lots of potential for repeat business. Also, there’s no need for consultants to keep any product on hand. Scentsy will promptly ship directly to anywhere in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.
  • Scentsy is a party plan company, so when you join you have a highly regarded and successful business partner. You’ll have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources for your use. There’s advertising templates, a website, workstation, and everything you need to market your business. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn the business. There is FREE online video training and as well personalized training available from your sponsor. It this case your sponsor would be Mary Gregory.
  • It only costs $99.00 plus tax and shipping to join and you receive your Starter Kit in the mail. You automatically get a FREE professional website for the first three months. It’s only $10.00 per month after the first three months.
  • Scentsy warmers and diffusers are available in multiple sizes and many different designs, sure to fit any home or office decor. Also available in over 80 fragrances. Since this is a great product for a home, and California real estate agents sell homes, it’s a natural! By the way, Scentsy products make for a GREAT closing gift! Your clients will love the unique and thoughtful gift and it’s very affordable for the real estate agent.

It’s a Natural

Is this beginning to make a little sense! Of course it does because it’s a natural! Being a Scentsy Independent Consultant is a natural business addition for any real estate agent. It could be a terrific source of income during real estate market shifts. Also you’re not limited to a geographic area with your sales. You can market the products and the business opportunity, anywhere in the USA, Canada and beyond! Since the Scentsy business model is already in place and the tools at your fingertips, it’s not anything like starting a new ground up business.

Getting Started is Easy

Join Scentsy and be a part of our team.  Join Scentsy today.