Business Students Gain Real Life Experience by Earning While Learning

Home Based Scentsy Business

Here’s a little information about how college business students can get some hands on experience and gain real life experience by earning while learning. The best part is, students can start their own business without the heavy investment costs. In fact, when joining Scentsy to sell the products the absolute worst that can happen is you get a nice warmer, about 80 cubes of wax and a few additional products, all worth at least twice as much as the $99 paid to buy the start up kit.

What you are being taught in the classrooms is great, but as your professors have probably told you, operating a simple business on your own is the perfect way to gain real life experience. As a person operating two businesses, I can safely say, there’s no better way to learn then getting right out there and starting your own. You can combine your real life business experience with what you’re learning in the classroom and you might surprise yourself.

What About the Capital to Start Earning?

What holds many students back from trying something like this is money! Everyone knows it takes a good amount of capitol investment to start any business, but this is not true with direct sales. You can get started as a Scentsy Independent Consultant for about $100 and you’re all set! In fact, most direct sales companies enable new representatives or consultants to get started on the cheap and there are very few costing more than $300. Like Scentsy, most are about $100. We are assuming of course, you already have access to a computer, internet connection and basic home office supplies.

Is Being Consultant Really Your Own Business?

It’s an interesting question and we’d like to hear what your instructors have to say about it. There are some very successful Scentsy consultants earning very large incomes and have actually incorporated their business. With Scentsy, you are technically an independent contractor and/or sales consultant. You earn a commission based on your sales and if you have a team, you can also earn bonuses or residual income based on their performance. We know some business professors suggest joining a direct sales company as a class project. The thing is, not all direct sales companies are created equal, so we do urge caution before joining. Of course, we are bias for Scentsy but watch the video above and read some valuable advice below.

  • Choose a company selling products or services you are interested in and can believe in. This is critical. Do NOT choose a company just for the money.
  • Verify your company of interest with the Direct Sellers Association
  • Check Facebook and other social media outlets. Determine if the product line is popular.
  • Choose a company that focuses on selling product, not JUST the business opportunity.
  • Check the Mission Statements
  • Loyal customers can be hard to come by so be SURE to choose a company selling a product or service that is consumable. Not just a one and done sale. This is critical!
  • In almost ALL cases, you will join the company via an existing consultant and that person will be your up line sponsor. Don’t just choose the first person that pops up on the list or the one that lives closest to you. You won’t need much hand holding, but you’ll want to choose someone that is actively operating their business.

What Students Can Expect to Learn?

If nothing else, by operating your own consultant business you will learn how to market and promote a business, how to build and manage a sales team, how to interact and take care of your customers, how to manage your money, and your time. It’s doesn’t end there! All I can say is, try it for yourself. It’s so inexpensive to get started and then you can use your experience operating your own business to help you advance in the classroom as well. Oh, and one more thing! While you’re learning, you’ll be EARNING. What a concept!

Last, you will earn income. Yeah, you’re in school and like most students you could use the extra cash! It will take some work, but you most certainly can earn income if you put forth the time and effort. Like any business, direct sales requires the most work up front. Once you get the ball rolling and grow your team, you can then begin earning some darn good residual income.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

Scentsy Compensation Plan 2022
Plan as of 2022

How to Get Started Earning & Learning

Scentsy Start Up Kit

If you want to get started earning and learning with Scentsy, we can help! There’s no experience necessary, flexible hours, NO BOSS, starter kit provided, training provided, and we’ll sponsor you! It’s about $100 to get going on this, and you can start earning income almost immediately!

Oh, by the way, many of Scentsy’s popular fragrance products are consumable and extremely popular! Our customers have been returning again and again to buy more, for years!

Immediate Suggestions

  • Visit our Scentsy shopping website and learn about the products. Yes, most products are here, but the money is collected at our other site which is fully secure.
  • Visit our join page. Look through some of our other posts and pages about joining Scentsy.
  • Contact us to schedule a chat. We can do a zoom meeting, FaceTime or even Google Hangouts.
  • It’s not a huge monitory investment, but of more importance is you will be investing your valuable time. Clear time in your schedule to focus on your new business.

There’s always more to share, but first things first. Remember, if you are a student or not, you’ll gain some real life experience and earn while you learn. No matter what happens, you really can’t lose!