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Does your car smell a little off, or does it just plain stink? We have some wonderful Scentsy Scent Circles that are perfect for your car and available in many favorite fragrances.

Scentsy Scent Circles Combine and Save

Buy six for the price of five!

For just $3.00 your car will smell amazing. Combine and save and get six Scent circles for just $15.00. That’s like getting one Scent Circle for FREE. What a deal! Click here & buy online today!

In the video above Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director Mary Gregory places an authentic Scentsy Scent Circle in her car.

Depending on the fragrance, the scent lasts about a week or a little longer. I’m telling you right now, the lousy fragrances from the car wash don’t even compare, and are absolutely nothing like the Scentsy Scent Circles.

Scent Circles Available in Many Scents

Scentsy Scent Circles are available in many different fragrances. These aren’t like those cheesy air fresheners you get at the car wash. You have to try them to appreciate how much better your car smells. These scent circles will be a big hit with your date, girl friend or friends. Who knows, your love life might even improve!

Buy Scent Circles Now

Shop All Scentsy Products

Shop online for all your Scentsy right now! While you’re there, check out the wonderful Scentsy candle warmers. There’s no wick, no flame, no smoke, no soot, and safe around kids and pets! These warmers are unique, well made, reasonably priced and available in three different sizes and many different styles. Check out the new catalog today!

New Scentsy Car Bar Products

By the way, have you seen the new Scentsy fragrance products for your car? These are similar to the Scent Circles, the Scentsy Car Bars tend to last a little longer. in all honesty, we still prefer using the Scent Circles. It just seems like the scent circles are more fragrant but if you like you fragrances to be a little more subtle, perhaps you would prefer the car bars.

Scentsy Car Bars

Shop Now for the Newest Scentsy Car Products.

Please contact Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617 or e mail her at [email protected]

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Hi! I'm Mary Gregory and I'm a Scentsy Family Independent Consultant/Director and I also own a licensed home child care facility called Gregory Family Child Care. I'm passionate about teaching children and enjoy working together with my husband and family to sell all the Scentsy Fragrance products. I've had the privilege of helping many new Scentsy consultants get started with Scentsy and most have changed their lives in a positive and productive manner. I have an amazing husband, three adult children, four wonderful granddaughters and more on the way! I'm so lucky to have three amazing daughter in-laws. I sure enjoy Scentsy but my family and friends always come first! Should you be interested in buying or selling Scentsy like me, I'm happy to help. Please know, there's no sales pressure and I'll NEVER bother you or contact you unless requested to do so, by you!

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  1. Tiani says:

    I love these wickless scentsy candles they have now. I always had that problem of losing the wick in the candle wax and having to dig for it which usually ruins the candle and sometimes the wick. Thanks for educating us on how it works!

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